We have prices for various items scattered throughout the blog, but with the holiday season approaching, I want you to be able to come prepared! Here’s a list of prices for what we commonly have in stock — these are generalizations, as many items are priced  individually. But you’ll get the gist. Happy shopping!

Art Materials

reclaimed muslin artists’ canvases -$4-$5

craft paints – <$1/bottle

reclaimed photos – $0.50/each [great for collages or cards!]

Fabric, etc.

$12/yd – designer fabrics, burnout and printed velvets, heavyweight and printed silks

$7/yd – velvet and silk solids, upholstery fabrics

$6/yd – faux fur, metallics, stretch velvets

$5/yd – apparel wool, linen prints, satin, lace, decorator/vintage cotton

$4/yd – linen solids

$3/yd – sheers

leather remnants – $2/sq ft

trim & ribbon – generally $2 or less / yd [our collection of gorgeous beaded trim is $7/yd, but much of our ribbon is less than a dollar a yard… you get the picture]

Building / Home Improvement Materials

Reclaimed paint – $5/gallon

2×4 – $0.50 – $2.50 each, depending on length

1×3 – $0.75 – $4 each, depending on length

plywood – $10-$12/sheet

Education / Office

3-ring binders – $1-$4, depending on size

post-it notes – $0.25-$2, depending on size

clipboards – $1 each [8.5×11]

folders – 10/$1 [file folders] or 6/$1 [pocket folders]

paper – $7/ream of 500 sheets

Housewares / Furniture / Decor

lamps – $10 each, shades – $5 each

holiday light strings – $5 each or less

glasses/vases – $1-$2 each


Reply to this post if you have questions about specific items — I’ll do my best to answer them. Of course, we always say the best way to get an idea of our prices and inventory is just to come by. You’ll get to peruse our raw materials as well as our reMade section, where you’ll find items made by local artists from our reclaimed materials. You never know what you might find! Join us Thursdays-Saturdays 10am-6pm and Sundays 12-4pm… see you soon!