Cinderella at Arden Theatre Company

Arden Cinderella setThe set for Arden Children’s Theatre’s Cinderella before…

Arden Cinderella set:after…and after. Under the supervision of the Arden’s Technical Director Glenn Perlman, even huge sets like this one come down quickly.

Much like the set of Charlotte’s Web from last season, this set was built largely from box beams. The Arden is going to hang onto all of the awesome gears and clock pieces [!] but we got to save some of the box beams, plywood, and other lumber.

beams from Arden strikeThis truckload of 2x boards and box beams is headed back to our warehouse. These crazy gold decorative posts came back with us, too. These might wind up in another theater production, film, or… your living room.

Arden posts…or maybe the plywood for your next project will be from the royal bed?

cinderella woodMany thanks to Arden Theatre Company for involving us in this strike! Next up in that theater: A Raisin in the Sun.

PS — Want to learn more about how Cinderella was built? The Arden’s Master Carpenter / Assistant Technical Director, Jon West, wrote about the build on the Arden blog. Check it out!