Miss Rockaway Throne

rockaway 2

This chair is ours. We love it! You can’t have it!

It came to us from the Miss Rockaway Armada, who both used our reclaimed material in their flotilla AND donated material at the end of the project. We were so pleased to work with them, we like to keep the chair as a memento. Currently, it houses our collection of art magazines.

But, if you’ve admired it in the shop, we thought we’d suggest that you make your own. “But where will I get all that reclaimed moulding?” you say. Well… I know this place…

Today is the perfect day to march forth into a creative reuse adventure! So stop by The Resource Exchange for your reclaimed trim and moulding [most less than 50 cents per linear foot!] and visit Sweden’s ReCreate Design Co. for more folk art furniture inspiration.

rockaway 1

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