The PAC + The Resource Exchange

We’re looking forward to joining The Philadelphia Artist Collective [PAC] for their production of Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens.

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 8.34.45 AM

Chris Coucill by David Comdico for the PAC


Knowing the PAC, it will be a great show. It’s especially nice to have a chance to see one of Shakespeare’s lesser-produced works on stage. And I may not be able to identify the lumber or event furniture that Director and Co-Scenic Designer Dan Hodge picked up at The Resource Exchange, but I’ll have fun seeking out the recognizable pieces that left our shop in the arms of Co-Scenic and Costume Designer Katherine Fritz.

But beyond this production, we love the PAC’s mission. One of their core beliefs:

“Art belongs to everyone. We believe everyone should have access to art that feeds, enriches and challenges us. At the PAC, this means affordable ticket prices and free public events.”

At The Resource Exchange, our mission is not only environmental. We could sell the materials we reclaim at full retail cost, or save time by just making up a price instead of researching market values for the material we save; we choose to make material available at 1/3 to 1/2 off retail value because we believe that all artists should be able to afford materials for their art, regardless of income or situation. We’re proud to collaborate with a group whose mission is so in line with our own! PAC’s Timon of Athens opened Thursday at Broad Street Ministry and runs through April 20. We hope you’ll support them in creating art-from-the-arts! Visit their website for more information.