G[re]en Thumb

Remember these? These screens, salvaged from a film, have been repurposed before as interior decor. But they have great potential outdoors as well! The South Philly tree below needed a little help, so our friend Caitlin Perkins used a reclaimed screen as a trellis.

caitlin tree 2 caitlin:tree 1caitlin tree 4caitlin tree 3

Much better! Good to know that reclaimed materials are helping the environment in more ways than one. But this trellis isn’t the only purchase from The Resource Exchange to be repurposed with a green thumb. I’m sure you’ve heard all about how our aluminum slide trays make great seed starters, but have you heard of Aaron Fleury’s Message in a Bottle DIY Terrariums? Aaron used reclaimed bottles from The Resource Exchange to create terrariums, and is now creating an illustrated guide to developing ecosystems within reclaimed bottles and jars.

But don’t stop there! Caitlin and Aaron aren’t the only ones exploring reclaimed gardening tactics. Meet Dylan Devlieger. Dylan is a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art and The Resource Exchange’s newest employee. While at Tyler, he used reclaimed materials from The Resource Exchange to create portable gardens. Check out his environmentally-related art below, and say hi next time you’re in the shop!

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