A Nursery + The Resource Exchange

I am always amazed every time I come into work at The Resource Exchange.  It’s like Christmas walking through and seeing what’s new!  Not only is this place visually pleasing with all the fabulous materials, it’s making a huge difference for the environment… and my baby’s nursery.

As a couple with limited means, learning that we were about to have a baby brought on a plethora of feelings- feeling number two: how can we afford a baby?!  Feeling number 15: Oo! I get to make stuff for her nursery!   I purchased a glider at a thrift store that was upholstered with a not-so-interesting circa 1992 Tampa, Florida retirement home print.  I replaced the outdated fabric with the lovely batik curtains RE received from a film set.

glider before glider after

The second RE project was to revamp the shade on an old table lamp.  I had an old hanging garden basket kicking around and wove 3 yards of the fabulous industrial felt onto the basket. The great unexpected element that made the lamp so great were all the tiny holes pierced in the felt.

lamp before lamp after

We are always encouraging customers to send pictures of projects they make with materials from The Resource Exchange.  What have you made today?

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