Assemblage Success!

Last Sunday’s Mixed Media Assemblage workshop with Bethany Rose Rusen was a great event!  Here are some pictures of the workshop and the artists’ works  in progress…

Rusen workshop 3 Rusen Workshop 12

Bethany’s proposal for the workshop seemed like a perfect idea for our store, and the actual event still managed to go above and beyond my expectations. What made the event such as success is that everyone’s boxes managed to utilize all the beautiful but seemingly useless odds and ends around the store. The boxes were filled with odd objects such as felt fabric offcuts, a cracked reed for a clarinet or saxaphone, architectural renderings, sewing patterns, fabric scraps…

Rusen workshop 11 Rusen workshop 5

Rusen Workshop 4The boxes themselves were made from reclaimed material as well. While all the wood that for the boxes that we used was reclaimed, I was particularly excited about the luan that made up many of the sides and backs of the boxes. We had long thin strips of luan that were used as faux floorboards on the set of Edge of Our Bodies at Theatre Exile, and they made perfect sides for our shadow boxes. Luan feels great to save as it is often thought of as throw-away cheap wood despite the fact that the harvesting of tropical hardwood to produce luan is extremely environmentally destructive.

Rusen workshop 18

Thanks to all who came by for the workshop!

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