Slab to Fab + The Resource Exchange

Karen Sacks recently brought the students of her Main Line Art Center Slab to Fab Pottery class into the Resource Exchange!

Karen's class 15Karen uses lace doilies, felt, and other materials to give textures to her pottery pieces.  Want to learn how?  Here’s a picture tutorial Karen generously sent our way.  All the lace and felt is reclaimed material from local film shoots.

Karen Clay 1

Karen clay 2Karen clay 3Karen clay 4Karen clay 5Karen clay 6Karen clay 7

Karen Clay 8Karen clay 9This plate will then get bisque fired and glazed!  Karen brought her class into the store so that members could pick materials of their own to texture the works they make in class.  They even brought some clay with them to test out the different materials and designs!

Karen class 2Karen's class 3


Karen's class 9Thanks for stopping by, Slab to Fab class!  We can’t wait to see the final products!

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