New Hope Academy + The Resource Exchange

 David Boyd and our friends at New Hope Academy did it again!

Drama Set

They used building materials and props from our store in their most recent production of Cheaper by the Dozen.  David Boyd, who visited us In the past looking for salvaged materials to build the set for their production of Fiddler on the Roof, came by looking for supplies for the school’s next theatre endeavor.

Cheaper By The Dozen New Hope 2

He found already made theatrical flats that were donated by The Walnut Street Theatre and used them as the framework of the family’s cozy living room.  He was also able to use reclaimed wallpaper and a vintage radio from our store to help complete the old fashioned look of the living room.

Cheaper By The Dozen New Hope 3

The set also included a small staircase that David found at re.  Once again New Hope has given used theatrical building materials a second chance to be on stage!  Not only is New hope using reclaimed materials and teaching kids about sustainable building in theatre design, but David also donated most of the materials back to The Resource Exchange so that they can be reused again, and again!

Cheaper By The Dozen New Hope 4 Check out the building process at New Hope in this time lapsed video too!


You can read more about how our partnership with New Hope Academy developed and how they built their Fiddler set using materials donated to us by Simpatico Theatre Project and The Arden in our past blog posts:

New Hope Academy + The Resource Exchange 1

New Hope Academy + The Resource Exchange 2

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