locally reMade desk!

After his roommate moved out, re customer Chris Lyons wanted to take advantage of the extra space in his place. Below he describes how he reMade a desk out of reclaimed and scrap materials that he found at The Resource Exchange and other building supply stores on the area reuse circuit.

I  have a nine-to-five job, but I also sell real estate, so naturally I figured a home office that would allow me to knock some tasks out on nights and weekends would be a perfect use for the space. I didn’t want a typical cookie-cutter store bought desk though — I wanted something that fit my style and personality. Living in Port Richmond, I’m in an area where there are a lot of local resources for recycled and salvaged wood products, so I figured a quick weekend project would get me the desk I want.  I was able to get a bundle of old tongue-and-groove wood flooring from Provenance in Northern Liberties that had a lot of natural character in it due to its age.

desk building process 1With the flooring in hand, which was set to be the writing surface for my desk, I still needed posts. I stopped by the Resource Exchange to take advantage of the neighborhood store’s stock of reclaimed lumber and purchased a twelve foot 4″x4″ for the posts. Within a few hours I had everything cut, assembled and screwed together. To finish things off, I stained the posts and put a coat of polyurethane on top, and once finished, I had the desk I wanted for my space.

desk 2desk close up desk staining desk with stuff