Comfy Cabinet Door Cat Perch!

We recently had a delightful visit from a fellow salvager!  Derek Bateman of Buffalo ReUse came into The Resource Exchange while visiting friend Beth, who lives in Philadelphia…and they were on a mission!  Anyone who has a cat knows that they love looking out windows, but some ledges in these old Philly houses are just too narrow.  So, Derek and Beth came into the store looking for the right reclaimed materials to extend the window ledges so that Beth’s Cat could really keep a lookout!

cat perch 1

They left the Resource Exchange with two salvaged cabinet doors, a couple small pieces of wood, and large squares of reclaimed upholstery samples.  The cabinet doors were attached to the window ledge with the wood pieces, stabilized on the back of Beth’s couch, and covered with the upholstery samples.  Voila – Cat Perches!  Now our feline friend can sit comfortably and look out the window.  What a purrrrfect creative reuse idea (sorry we just couldn’t help ourselves!)cat perch 2 cat perch 3

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