Arden Tubes reUsed!

Arden Tubes reUsed!

Photo Jan 26, 5 41 27 PMOne thing you’ll recognize in the new store is our giant green tubes, donated from The Arden’s production of Robin Hood.  We moved them all from the old building to our new location at 2nd and Cecil B. Moore.

Photo Jan 26, 5 36 36 PM Photo Jan 26, 6 48 36 PM


We’re always trying to think of creative reuses for a lot of the weirder materials we get in, like the tubes. While many artists, builders and makers have used them in different ways, we had one artist come in a give us an idea we had never heard before!

Dylan cutting green tubes for shipping paintings

See, the tubes are just cardboard packing tubes painted with various shades of green paint.  So local artist Kaitlin had Dylan cut some of the tubes down so she could use them for what they were originally intended-mailing! That’s right, Kaitlin bought the tubes as vessels for mailing her own paintings across the country.  It’s such a genius idea-and right under our noses!  Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, Kaitlin, and make sure you come by the new store to see old and new set pieces alike!

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