Want to be a Kinetic Pilot?

Want to be a Kinetic Pilot?

As part of The Resource Exchange’s Grand re-Opening Weekend Celebration, we’re having folks from The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby in the store tomorrow to talk about how they built and decorated their winning kinetic sculptures and costumes! Are you planning on joining the Derby this year, or do you just think the event is really cool? Come to our store tomorrow from 3pm-5pm to meet and pick the brains of past Derby winners, and get ideas for your sculptures and costumes by browsing our inventory of unique reclaimed materials from the film and theatre industries. How could you incorporate…

large sintra signs reclaimed from the flower show….


salvaged lumber from the Philadelphia theatre industry…

lumber section

fabrics donated by local crafters….

spring pafbrics

and we have so much more! You never know what you’ll find here at the re, so come by this weekend and get your creativity pants on!

*single flyer image

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