The Resource Exchange + Theatre Exile


photos by Paola Nogueras

Annapurna, on stage at Theatre Exile now through May 11th, takes place in Ulysses’s messy trailer. Production Manager Amanda Jensen came to find some reclaimed wallpaper to use on the set. The pink floral paper can be seen on the walls of the bathroom area of the trailer.

img_9668 (2)

Here’s a little more about the show from their website:

Naked but for an apron and an oxygen tank, Ulysses unexpectedly finds his wife, Emma, at his trailer door.  It’s been 20 years since their marriage was torn apart by a horrific event that Ulysses can’t remember and Emma can’t forget.  In the spirit of some of the greatest American dramas, Annapurna is built upon the hopefulness of reconciliation.  Passionate, funny, fierce– it is the impossibility of scaling a mountain of strife that makes the climb so seductive.

We have many more rolls and smaller bits of all different wallpaper designs that are just waiting to be reused! Major motion pictures often buy whole roles of paper and then only need to use a little bit, so when this happens, we are here to take the unused paper and get it in the hands of artists like Amanda.  Now go see the show!