Nancy M. Gonzalez: Abstract Art Art

nancy kelm art art 4Nancy creates mixed material works using reclaimed materials from The Resource Exchange. In the past she has used recycled frames and other salvaged items in her pieces. But Nancy most recently came by the store to tell us about a new creative reuse idea she had after an art book that she purchased here was ruined when she left it outside in the rain.

nancy kelm art artNancy said, “Not too long ago I purchased an old art book that I really enjoy reading and learning from, but  my book got wet one rainy day. I was so sad, and I could not find myself putting it in the trash. After thinking about it  I came up with the idea of using it anyways, saving as much of the book I could.” Nancy used the prints from the book to create her collection called, “My master collection.” She incorporated the old pages into her new designs by pasting some of the pages of the book on canvases and then extending the colors and lines to a new and bigger abstract size. See more of Nancy’s work on her website!

nancu kelm art art 3

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