Mark Rice’s Voyage Corps Store

employee-of-the-month-2-copy-2Echoing the traveling salesman of the yesteryear, artist Mark Rice has created a modern

day spin on the archetypal covered wagon. He calls it the “Voyage Corps Store” or VCS, and
what is it exactly? A 1971 Shasta Compact travel trailer converted into a mobile art studio/ retail space for his many projects.  According to Mark, the store works as “a proving ground, test market, and fundraising venture to simultaneously offer affordable art, raise money for future projects, and gauge public interest in experiments utilizing different materials, subject matter, packaging, and presentation.” We’re thrilled that Mark used LOTS of Resource Exchange supplies to furnish his traveling project, and that he has no plans to stop shopping here. To see more of the VCS as well as Mark’s other art and music projects, click HERE!




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