INVASION: Installation at Temple gets reCreative!

Invasion temple installation lighting

Jillian Harris’s upcoming installation, INVASION, promises to be an intriguing and thoughtful ten minute journey through a collection of live digital imaging, fabrics, materials, shapes, and original scoring. The Installation can be found on Temple’s Campus on January 21st and 22nd, and will only be experienced by 2 participants at a time.

“Invasion is an interactive installation where the movements of those entering the space represent visual content that is sampled, manipulated in real time, and projected on to a series of layered screens. In essence, ‘invaders’ become both the performers and interpreters of the installation’s content.”

Invasion installation at temple Invasion installation Jillian cutting fabricINVASION was built in part using many yards of fabrics that The Resource Exchange has salvaged from film sets, theatre productions, and the creative community. The long translucent fabrics seen throughout the space  and projected upon were all purchased here by Jillian, as well as black fabrics that mask the space, and some cool scenic textured white fabric that gives variation to the way the projections go through the materials.

Harris says, “In developing the installation, I address the nature of impermanence, transformation, and physical change as perceived through reflected images. My interest in using technology to explore new metaphors in live performance has brought me to this point in my research.” Check out the trailer for the installation here:

Invasion Trailer from tatiana hassan on Vimeo.

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