Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year! Did you set any intentions or make resolutions this year? As we find ourselves three weeks into 2016, some of us are doing great at sticking to our resolutions, while others have yet to get started. Perhaps we aren’t really sure where to begin?!

While we can’t help you with your intentions to start exercising, eating healthier, or traveling more, here at The Resource Exchange we can help in other ways. If your resolutions for the year are to find ways to help the environment, save money, and  get organized in your home or office, we have you covered!

Storage blog1Come visit the store and explore the many options we have for you to get started on your organizing and de-cluttering goals! We have a wide selection of reclaimed plastic storage bins in various shapes and sizes for all your seasonal and less often used items.

Storage blog6We also have a large selection of baskets you could use to organize smaller items in a decorative way.

Or use one of these beautiful trunks to store your extra sheets and blankets, hats, shoes or photos albums!

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Need organizational help in your office? We have you covered there, too! We have several great filing cabinets and the hanging file folders to go with them, as well as a huge selection of binders and desk organizers! We also have bookshelves and cabinets.

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Storage blog2And if all these wonderful options still aren’t what you’re looking for… we have have everything you need to build or create your very own innovative and unique storage solutions! From lumber, to tools, hinges, and hardware, find what you need to make your own cabinets and shelves, boxes and bins.

No more excuses! Get started on reaching your organization goals today!



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