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12-angry-men-posterKent County Theatre Guild is a community theater in Dover, Delaware that produces four shows a year in their 100 seat auditorium called the Patchwork Playhouse. The guild recently put on a production of the classic courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men, and stumbled upon the Resource Exchange while looking for elements for the set.  The bank of windows that features prominently behind the jury’s deliberation was a stage window set piece we saved from another theater production! Paul Janiga, who designed the set for Twelve Angry Men, said “We definitely lucked out in finding them. They were a budget and a time saver.” By saving these kinds of props and set pieces, we hope to inspire other theaters to make their productions more environmentally sustainable by using reclaimed, rather than new, materials and also donating the materials they use after production so they are kept out of landfill and in circulation.
12-angry-men12-angry-men-window 12 angry men kent

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