Little Bags. Big Impact!

anna-welsh-littlebags-bigimpact-1Anna Welsh is an inspiring, young social entrepreneur and re customer who is using her artistic skills as a force for positive change.  Just 12 years old, Anna started a business called Little Bags. Big Impact (check out her instagram @littlebags.bigimpact) selling a line of lovely, hand made clutch bags she created using reclaimed fabric purchased here at The Resource Exchange.  A portion of each bag’s proceeds will go towards buying books for middle and high school girls living in poverty in the Philadelphia region! Her bags are currently being sold in the boutique shop Fuzion in Narberth (see @fuzionstyle on Instagram).



In addition and separate from littlebags.bigiimpact, Anna created these necklaces, also for sale at Fuzion, from mini license plates she found here.  The mini license plates she repurposed are actually keychain tags that were created and distributed by the Disabled American Veterans (SAV) from 1941-1975.  The premise was that if you lost your keys, the finder could drop them into a mail box, and the DAV would return them to you.

If you are as smitten with Anna’s beautiful and sustainable accessories as we are and want to support her inspiring cause, head over to Fuzion at 137 N. Narthberth St in Narberth and follow @littlebags.bigimpact on instagram!