SPLIT Spot-The-Props!

SPLIT Spot-The-Props!

Split Spot the Props!

Remember Highlight’s Hidden Pictures? Well we love to play Resource-Exchange-Spot-The-Props when movies that we work with come out! We get to see how materials we saved from landfill got used in the scenes, and also spot all of the cool props and decor that they donated to us after the film was shot! SPLIT, M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie, opened last weekend, and if you look close The Resource Exchange is all over it…and we even got a ‘thank you’ in the credits (Thanks for the Thanks!)

Split set tubes for social media


See all those creepy looking white pipes along the ceiling? The scenics did a great job painting and distressing them to look like pipes -because they used to be the bright green cardboard tubes that we saved from the set of The Arden Theatre Company‘s production of Robin Hood! In the 4 years since we got the hundreds of cardboard tubes, they’ve been used in a wide variety of art and building projects (read about some here and here) – and now they’re in a major motion picture!


Vintage dress form 1 copy
Many of the items that were donated from SPLIT – art supplies, easels, dress forms, fabric, trim, lumber, and other maker materials – have already gone on to be reused by our many creative customers. Most films also need a lot of framed artwork to decorate the sets, and we received a wide variety from SPLIT to add to our inventory.

SPLIT framed art and prints copy

Many other unique and vintage items were donated from the set to add to our reclaimed inventory:

spilt props collage 1

Split props collage 2SPLIT Mid Century style Eiffel side chairsLAMPS collage

And check out these vintage cast aluminum animal swings!

vintage cast aluminum swing set animals

We love it when customers send us photos of what they did with props they found here, like this one from local hair salon Fifth and Fitz!

Mirror at fifth and fitz salon

If you come by the store soon, you can see our display of items that we still have from the set…everything from framed artwork to stuffed animals, from sculptures to pillows, from a utility sink to prop toothbrushes (unused!)…and much more!