Norris Square Neighborhood Projects

Norris Square Neighborhood Project members got their creative reuse on at a local after-school youth arts program!

Staff members Katherine and Marian came to the re looking to supplement their crafting supplies for an upcoming sewing project. They were able to find fabrics, buttons, appliqués, thread, and other sewing notions to help make the project a success. They students made hoodies, scarves, t-shirts, and more!

Many of the students were using the fun projects to learn how to use sewing machines.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project’s Mission is to promote positive change through youth education, community leadership, green spaces, the arts, and the celebration of Latinx cultures. NSNP envisions a community where youth and adults can positively engage one another, promote cultural awareness and preservation, and advocate for a healthier future for their neighborhoods. We aspire to connect generations and use our space to enable youth and community members to be the change-makers in their lives and the lives of their families.

We’re glad to be a part of Norris Square Neighborhood Project’s neighborhood!