Sustainable Fashion at And We Evolve!

“What if instead of buying more, we took care of what we already owned, borrowed or rented what we wanted to try, and bought only what we loved?” The Resource Exchange is crushing on these amazing women making sustainability in Philadelphia fashion a priority! Meet co-founders of And We Evolve, Liz Funk and Alisha Ebling.

And We Evolve is a Philadelphia ecommerce community that is pioneering ‘community-supported apparel.’ The goal is to inspire women to change their shopping habits, by building their wardrobes primarily with secondhand pieces, and supplementing with new athletic gear, intimate apparel, and occasional ‘trend’ pieces as necessary. This will ease the significant stress that clothing production (and textile waste) puts on the planet.”

So, when Co-founder Liz Funk went to decorate their clothing showroom, she wanted to make sure the decor was in line with their community’s environmental efforts:

“When we started to decorate our space, it was such a blessing to find out about the Resource Exchange and gain access to art supplies, fixtures, fabric, and of course, glitter, that were recycled and, to use our own parlance, #revolved! These were perfectly good materials that still had a second life left in them!  Thanks to the Resource Exchange, now our showroom has come alive because of all the wonderful things we were able to find at your store.”

They used reclaimed glitter to make a glitter wall, seen here with And We Evolve models showing off some of their unique pieces!

They found some gold fabric here and reused it for their changing room curtain!

They even use large floral prints in the space to artfully block off areas of the store with containers and boxes that have storage and off season items! Here are the co-founders of And We Evolve in their space! (Resource Exchange prints seen in the background behind all the gorgeous clothing!!) 

Want to know more!?! And We Evolve offers a monthly subscription style box for recycled + vintage fashion, as well as a membership program for members to rent, borrow, and shop (with a 50% member discount) from our hand-curated collection of secondhand clothing in like-new condition (#revolved). The re team sure loves their mission, and we’re super happy our materials helped build their space!

Visit their website and follow them on instagram @andweevolveco