Comcast: Creating a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

The Resource Exchange is excited to see businesses of all sizes taking steps to lessen their impact on the environment either by making donations of reusable materials or by shopping secondhand- first. Together we’re able to save thousands of pounds of reusable materials from film productions and other local businesses from going to landfills and incinerators each year.

Recently, Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia had collected a substantial amount of unused office supplies during their process of moving and knew there had to be a way of keeping it out of the landfill. Their Sustainability Team contacted The Resource Exchange and quickly set up the donation!

“As we work to bring our customers the best technology, media and entertainment, we also consider our impact on the environment. We hold ourselves accountable to think about sustainability as we make business decisions – no matter how big or small. We’re focused on creating a culture of sustainable innovation that inspires environmental responsibility.”

By donating their unused office supplies to The Resource Exchange, we are able to make them available to our community and at a low cost to teachers, students, and local businesses. 

In 2017, over 2900 art, educational, building, and community projects reused salvaged materials from The Resource Exchange and over 64 educational programs and classrooms projects reused our salvaged supplies. 

Among the donation from Comcast were many items customers regularly look to buy secondhand at The Resource Exchange. Including brand new label sheets in all colors and sizes, binder dividers, stapler removers, boxes of files and folders, expandable folders, graphing paper, poster board, blank CD’s, CD and DVD cases and sleeves, rems of inkjet paper, & more! 

“Thank you and Resource Exchange for making it easy for us to get these materials to people rather than landfills!” – Alexandra Wiegel, Comcast Sustainability 

Thank you to Comcast and their Sustainability Team for their donation and for their commitment to the environment! 

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