Vintage Letraset Reuse in Album Artwork!

Vintage Letraset Reuse in Album Artwork!

Resource Exchange customer Perry Shall designs album covers and often uses vintage Letraset letter transfers in his works. Shall has created two beautiful covers for musicians using transfer sheets found in our store. These now-rarely-used graphic design tools are rub-on sheets that transfer letters and images to paper, which means that they can only be used once. But Perry Shall collects the sheets and scans them into a computer so the fonts and graphics can be reused and changed!

He designed the album cover for Leo “Bud” Welch’s posthumous album “The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name,” which was just released today. The logos and ‘sunburst’ background of this album were made from transfer sheets found at the re! You can find out more about the album here.

He also designed the logo for Dee White’s 2018 album, “Southern Gentleman” by modifying reclaimed letraset sheets that he scanned! Find out more about this album here.

We often have vintage graphic design tools come into The Resource Exchange, so it makes us pretty happy to see artists reusing them in creative ways! Wanna know more about the other kinds of graphic design tools that we’ve kept out of landfill? Check out the blog, “Graphic Design in the Analog Era!”



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