Expanded Reclaimed Art and Craft Supply Section!

Expanded Reclaimed Art and Craft Supply Section!

We’re thrilled to see more and more reusable materials being donated to The Resource Exchange and being reused by our creative community! Just last week we sorted and priced all of these donations and added them to our new Art Supplies section, with gently used and “new-to-you” items being added daily. 

Artist paints (oil, acrylic, and watercolors), charcoal, pastels, sketch pads, paintbrushes, fine art markers and colored pencils, mat board, fine art and craft paper, canvas, frames, stencils, block printing tools, drafting supplies…

Plus crafting essentials including: construction paper, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, craft sticks, pom poms, felt, glitter & more! 

We’ve expanded our bulk pricing in our arts and crafts sections to include crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, material and paper samples, construction paper, & film slides. 

And there are always more creative and affordable materials to be found in our Random Room!

Bulk boxes are a great way to inexpensively source a wide variety of materials for classroom projects, workshops, and activities. Fill a small or large bulk box with stickers, pins, magnets, keys, “tiny things”, faux greenery and flowers, seashells, foam shapes, party decorations, & all other items (under $5) from our Random Room. 

Philadelphia has committed itself to the progressive sustainability goal of achieving Zero Waste by 2035. Reuse, which requires far fewer resources than recycling, is an integral part of the city’s Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan, prioritized as the 2nd most sustainable practice to be followed!

Donating creative materials to The Resource Exchange contributes to local material conservation and recovery- making Philadelphia a greener city. Unlike many traditional thrift stores, the re has an environmental mission, so we screen, save, sort, & sell your donations of reusable materials within our local community, we do not ship to secondhand markets overseas. We are dedicated to keeping these materials out of landfill and in the hands of local artists, educators, students, homeowners, & makers of ALL kinds.



To learn more about donating materials check out our commonly accepted materials list here!