Plexi Glass and Creative Reuse!

Plexi Glass and Creative Reuse!

Local artist Sterling Melcher has been cranking out large scale work using reclaimed 4′ x 4′ plexi glass sheets found at The Resource Exchange. Never before used, these plexi sheets were donated to us from a movie set. As a part of our efforts to divert materials from movie and t.v. sets, saving them from landfill, we are happy to see the sheets put to good use! 

The plexi glass lends itself well to Sterling’s interesting use of both painting and light. 


This piece includes 87 of the Kodak film slides images we always have!

“It has been fun to visit the new space often, and it seems like all the hard work is paying off.”

You can find more of Sterling’s work on his instagram @sterlingmelcher or on his website!


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