Sustainable Classrooms: reclaimed sintra + printmaking at FWM!

Former reCreate Artist, Mark Rice, is currently leading a workshop at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in collaboration with teacher Dr. Deborah Broderick. The workshop has been able to reuse sheets of reclaimed sintra found at The Resource Exchange.

Sintra is a lightweight yet rigid board of plastic (PVC) and is a common material used for signage. It can be difficult to recycle, so thankfully these sheets of sintra were donated and found a second life in the classroom! 

“I am a visiting teaching artist at the Fabric Workshop. Here are some pics of a collaborative project that I am doing with the Fabric Workshop and Museum at Central Montco Technical High School.

I am leading a workshop in printmaking techniques to a group of students from Visual Communications, Art, and Art Education that will collimate with a large repeat pattern printed at FWM.”

“Attached are some photos of a recent lesson where we made blind contour drawings of our hands and our shoes. We then used the sintra paired with ink to create trace monotype prints and combine them with our blind contour drawings.

I love buying eduction materials at your store!”

Rice was a reCreate Featured Artist in May 2016 and has continued to source materials diverted from landfill for his art practice, classrooms, and gallery from the re!