Website Revamp Thanks to Temple Business School!

When COVID forced us to temporarily close this year, we knew we would need to make A LOT of changes to try to weather the storm. With our shop closed to our customers + donors, we needed to do our best to bring our shop to them! So we reached out to The Fox School of Business and Information Technology (IBIT) at Temple University, and applied for assistance through their Small Business Digital Transformation Initiative.

This initiative provides free digital services to small businesses and nonprofits affected by COVID-19. Some of the key digital IBIT services included website design, adding a digital storefront, and setting up an e-commerce store  just what we needed!

They assigned us a crack team  – Associate Professor and Deputy Chair Mart Doyle, and two of the program’s best students Sofia Spadotto and Safania Paul!

Sofia Adrianna Spadotto's Headshot
Sofia Adrianna Spadotto
Chair of Photography and Design, Temple Association for Information Systems
Data Science ITA, Temple MIS Department
Safaniya Paul's headshot
Safaniya Paul
Fox School of Business | Temple University
Management Information Systems

We can’t thank Sofia, Safaniya, and Mart enough for all their hard work! This new website will be crucial for our organization to continue to serve our community and allow us to adapt during the pandemic. Learn more about the project in this article from Fox School of Business: Temple students help small businesses pivot in response to COVID-19 pandemic