Creative Reuse + Collective Visioning at Vox Populi

Maddie Hewitt, Vox Populi Member and former reCreate Featured Artist, found this unique material at The Resource Exchange. The etched plexi salvaged from a film set, now transformed into a “cloud table” as part of the current Collective Visioning exhibit at Vox Populi — now on view through Sunday, May 23rd! 

Photo credit Raúl Romero / @rauoool

“Facilitated by Vox member Maddie Hewitt (@maddiehewitt) and with the contributions of many collective members, Collective Visioning is both a process and a space to share resources and ideas, develop stronger relationships, participate in workshops and skill-shares, and ideate collaborations as part of a process that leads to a related project in the new Commons Space at Vox Populi.”

etched plexi
Etched Plexi Sheet salvaged from a film set found at The Resource Exchange (before)
Cloud Table in Process
Cloud Table (in process) | photo credit: Maddie Hewitt

“Maddie Hewitt is a dreamer and facilitator who addresses social and ecological issues in her work through abstraction and play.

Collectivism, and the interconnectedness of humans and environmental systems drives her investigation. She/They primarily uses video, performance, collage, and sound to produce creative research projects and installations, often involving collaboration.”

“Starting in April, members of the Vox Populi collective will initiate this undertaking with an ecologically-focused process to design and construct “The Dream Machine,” an indoor hydroponic medicinal herb garden that is watered by a solar-powered irrigation system, which pumps collected and purified stormwater as part of the Future Ecologies exhibition opening in Fall 2021.”

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More Info: @maddiehewitt