The Resource Exchange partners with local film, theatre, educational, and arts organizations in an effort to further our mission of promoting creative reuse, recycling, and resource conservation by diverting valuable materials from the waste stream and redirecting them to artists, builders, educators, and the general public. Click on the images below to learn more about our amazing projects and collaborations.

  • Steppingstone Scholars
    The Resource Exchange provides internships for Steppingstone Scholars interested in learning about creative reuse and managing non profits.
  • Revolution Recovery
    Revolution Recovery is our recycling partner and working together enables us to save more valuable materials than would be otherwise be possible separately
  • Greater Philadelphia Film Office
    Our ED Karyn Gerred wrote the SETS guide used by The Greater Philadelphia Film Office to help film productions lessen their environmental footprints
  • The Arden Theatre Company
    The Arden Theatre Company turns to us for purchasing reclaimed supplies and for donating reusable materials from their sets.
  • New Hope Academy
    New Hope Academy uses salvaged materials from The Resource Exchange to build their theatre sets and teach students about reuse
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
    Read more our collaborations with PHS and the materials we have been able to save from The Philadelphia Flower Show
  • The Walnut Street Theatre
    Read more about how we help The Walnut Street Theatre build greener sets and contribute less waste to our local landfills.
  • The University of the Arts
    University of the Arts has its theatre design students use reclaimed materials from us to learn scenic painting techniques