How to Donate Materials

We’re so glad you’d like to donate! All donations made to The Resource Exchange are tax deductible, and help further our mission of promoting creative reuse in Philadelphia. Depending on what and how much you have, you may need to schedule an appointment. 

Walk-In Donations

Do you have one box / bag / bin or less?

Are all items acceptable according to our Material Donation Guide?

**Items not on the list require email inquiry/appointment**

Check store hours before bringing in pre-sorted, clean, acceptable materials, at least 1/2 hour before close.

Donations by Appointment

Do you have more than one box, bag, or bin?

Are all items acceptable according to our Material Donation Guide?

Be sure to ask in your email about any items you are unsure about!

Send us an email with what you’d like to donate and we’ll help screen your materials and schedule a drop-off!

Everything is pre-sorted

All items are in clean and reusable condition

Nothing flammable, toxic, or hazardous

Nothing leaking

Nothing is broken or missing pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I just bring what I have and you can pick out what you want?

We love that Philly is filled with folks that are rethinking waste, and choosing reuse!

However, searching through endless boxes + bags of unknown, unsorted materials for potentially reusable materials is not feasible for any organization that is actually keeping them out of the landfill.

Donors choose The Resource Exchange because they know we are unique in our commitment not to accept materials unless they are truly reusable in the local community. We don’t accept unscreened materials that are likely to just end up in a landfill – here or overseas.

Why can’t you accept all my materials, even though someone might be able to reuse it for something?

With unlimited space, staff, and funding, we could save unlimited reusable materials.

However, we need to focus our efforts and limited resources on saving the materials with the most reuse potential out of the region’s landfills. 

The types & quantities of materials we are able to accept waxes & wanes depending on the amount of donations we are receiving and the corresponding local projects & people that are actually able to utilize them.

Bringing materials to us that we cannot successfully put back into the local community brings the burden and cost of recycling/disposal along with it.

Thank you for supporting The Resource Exchange!

All donations are used to further our mission of promoting creative reuse in Philadelphia. 

The Resource Exchange is recognized as a 501(c)c93) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will gladly provide a downloadable tax receipt for you to record the fair market value of your goods. For more specific information regarding valuation, record keeping and reporting, you may consult IRS Publications 526 and 561 and/or consult your tax advisor.