donate materials

Acceptable Materials
What We Do Not Accept

First step, please check our lists above of what we accept/don’t accept before donating

Second step, please be sure that all items are clean, sorted, and in reusable condition.

• If the items you wish to donate are on our Acceptable Materials list, we can accept drop off donations of up to one milk-crate in size any time during our regular open hours

Larger donations will need prior approval. Please email us to receive our donation questionnaire

• Please free to email or call us with any questions!

  • Parking space is available near our store entrance
  • Bring donations to our donation desk. We have carts and dollies available for your use
  • Please allow time for staff to briefly screen items to be sure they can be received.  (Take a spin around the store while you wait!)
  • To speed up the process, please separate items as much as you can “like with like” using bags, rubber bands, and clips
  • We’ll return boxes, bags, and items we cannot accept back to you
  • We will do our best to provide you with a local referral and/or recycling information for items that we’re unable to accept
  • Tax receipts are available on our website
  • donate time

    • online via Paypal
    • in person, the next time you come by to shop! Round up your purchase to the nearest dollar with cash or credit – even small contributions make a difference!
    • by mail, with a check to: 

    The Resource Exchange
    1800 N. American St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122
    Love the arts?
    Got a couple of hours to spare?
    Creative energy for a great cause?
    How about a pick up truck? (really, we’re not kidding!)

    Help us continue to keep reusable material in our local economy, not in the landfill!

    To learn more about volunteering and how to sign up, email us at

    Thank you for supporting The Resource Exchange! All donations are used to further our mission of promoting creative reuse in Philadelphia!

    The Resource Exchange is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will gladly provide a downloadable tax receipt for you to record the fair market value of your goods. For more specific information regarding valuation, record keeping and reporting, you may consult IRS Publications 526 and 561 and/or consult your tax advisor.


    thank you to our generous donors!

    Our work would not be possible without the support we receive from our donors, partner organizations, customers, community volunteers, friends and family. We are deeply grateful for all of the invaluable donations of time and materials we receive in support of our mission, and we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for their financial contributions:

    > $5,000

     Philadelphia Cultural Fund | The Claneil Foundation | Samuel S. Fels Fund | The Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) | Clarence A. Rowell Trust through the PNC Charitable Trust Committee | Denise Gerred | Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Matching Gifts Program | PPL EnergyPlus LLC, through our partner organization, the Pennsylvania Resources Council | Revolution Recovery

    <  $5,000

    Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (a state agency) – Anonymous through Just Give/I Do Foundation – Generocity – The Mighty Engine | Participating Staff of Mercer Monthly Denim Charity Program | Dan Arber + Jolynda Burton – Dhaval Bhatt* – John Consolvo – Shreekant Dhopte* – Mike Gable — Sharon + William Gerred – Robert Jondreau – Erika Katz – Lesley Katz – Kate Locke + Courtney Wilburn – Dennis Madigan –  Alfred Pettit – Lynn F Pettit – Roland Reed – Nancy + Howard Thurston – Nate Turner  – and all of the generous anonymous donations given to us in the shop and at our events in the community

    * includes a matching gift