Material Donation Guide

Thank you for donating materials for creative reuse! Before you donate, please check our general criteria below as well as the protocol for each category of item you plan on donating. If your item(s) are not listed, send us an email!

Please make sure all materials are:

Clean without dirt, rust, mold, odors

In Reusable/ Resellable shelf-ready condition – could be bought as is on our sales floor

Pre-sorted without tangles, leaks, sharp edges

Acceptable according to the  protocol of each category below

Please do not bring anything that is:

Dirty, soiled, mildewed, rusty, leaking

Broken, cracked, ripped/torn, missing parts, in need of repair

Flammable, toxic, hazardous, or otherwise dangerous for staff + volunteers 

Unsorted, mixed lots + clean outs / Not sure what you’ve brought / Haven’t gone through contents in years

Arts / Crafts / Maker Materials


artist studio equipment + tools that are functional with no missing pieces (easels, drafting tables, portfolios, etc)

artist + craft brushes

artist paints: watercolor, tube acrylic, oil paints, tempera

pencils, crayons, chalk, markers, etc.

sculpture tools + materials

beads/jewelry making supplies + tools that are reasonably sorted

art paper, cardstock, art boards (poster, mat, foam, etc)

artwork, prints, vintage photographs

frames with glass and backing fully attached

stretched canvas + canvas/muslin remnants over 1 yard

canvas stretcher bars

screenprinting / printmaking supplies

flatfiles (with pre-approval)

gift wrap, ribbon, gift bags

scrapbooking materials (glitter, glue, stickers, stamps, stencils, etc)


any items that are broken or missing pieces

paint that is dried up, leaking, or otherwise unsellable

brushes or other supplies that are no longer usable

spray paint or any aerosols (fixatives, etc.)

art supplies that are flammable or toxic (i.e. turpentine, linseed oil)

beads/findings/costume jewelry that are mixed together and unsorted

frames that are cracked, broken, missing their glass and/or backing, or have glass/backings that are not solidly attached

unassembled metal frames + kits

canvas remnants under 1 yard

slide carousels

classroom art / projects

Fabric / Textiles


clean fabrics and trim at least one square yard

home textiles in good condition(no stains, tears, odors, etc)

fabric samples in limited quantities (contact us first) fitting these guidelines:
• 12″x12″ or larger of natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk)
• s
tapled paper labels only (no glue) with hemmed finished edges

sewing, knitting, weaving, needlework supplies & notions

yarn: skeins and cones, no small bits or tangles


working sewing/serger machines

sewing patterns


fabric scraps smaller than one square yard

ANY fabric that is dirty, torn, stained, moldy, or contains odors (no mothball smell or pet hair)

garments, partial projects, used rags/bedding

real fur

fabric samples that are non-recyclable synthetic fibers or have glued labels, sample books

yarn, ribbon that is in small bits, tangled, or dirty

broken sewing machines

loose, unpackaged needles, pins

Decor / Housewares


vintage or quality furniture (with pre-approval)

housewares (clean, no broken or missing pieces)

dinnerware (no cracks or chips)

decorative pillows, curtains, packaged bedding (no stains, tears, odors, etc)

lamps + lighting with plugs (in working condition)


framed mirrors

pre-approved holiday decor/items


furniture made with MDF or chipboard

unframed mirrors or glass

direct wire or track lighting fixtures (ie. ceiling mount or wall sconce fixtures without plugs)

fluorescent, incandescent, or any unpackaged bulbs

custom window treatments or valances: unpackaged or framed 

mattresses/box springs/used + unpackaged bedding

used carpets + padding

plastic hangers

holiday specific decor/items without pre-approval

Lumber / Sheet goods


dimensional lumber at least 6′ in length (unless it is hardwood) 

sheet goods of wood, plexi, sintra, etc. (half sheets or larger) 


architectural accents/ elements

decorative windows and hardwood doors in good condition (no hollow core)


ANY wood with nails, screws, paint, warping, signs of rot or water damage

standard dimensional lumber less than 6’

sheet goods less than half sheet

pressure treated lumbers

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or chipboard

Building Materials / Hardware


knobs/pulls, brackets, hinges, etc.

hand tools

small quantities of decorative ceramic tile

latex house paint, 3/4 full or more, no rust/rot, color clearly indicated on lid (appointment required)

some hardwood doors and windows with prior approval

packaged hardware (nails, screws, etc)



unpackaged/unlabeled hardware

hollow core doors

glass storm doors or plate glass

plain ceramic tile

latex house paint less than 3/4 full, signs of rot/rust on the interior or exterior. paint in unacceptable condition will be returned to the donor for proper disposal.

oil-based house paint

plastic or aluminum window blinds. we may be able to accept hardwood blinds with prior approval.


Film / Theater Props


unique scenery pieces

painted backdrops/signs

mannequins/display fixtures

reusable 4’x8 flats + platforms


any scenery pieces that have been glued together (flats, walls, etc)


Outdoor / Patio / Garden


gardening handtools

flower pots, saucers, etc with no cracks or dirt

other new and re-sellable gardening supplies (tomato cages, bird netting)


any outdoor supplies or materials with dirt still on them

handtools with rust

Books / Education / Office


paper, pads, notebooks, journals, stationary

staplers, tape, scissors, desk accessories

hardcover books: art, craft, other maker (DIY, how to, cooking), design, or environmental

maps/educational posters/classroom decorations

chalk + chalkboards

cork boards


binders + hanging file folders 

magazines, encyclopedias, educational texts 

printer ink cartridges

cassettes/CDs/VHS tapes/vinyl records

unpackaged envelopes

Unacceptable Materials

Hazardous Materials

flammable materials, solvents, etc.
spray paint/adhesives
any item with flaking paint of unknown lead content

Electronics / E-waste

computers, printers, televisions, etc.
appliances, refrigerators, freezers, AC units

Typical Curbside Trash or Recycling Items

toilet/paper towel tubes, plastic food containers, etc.

styrofoam packing materials

tires/automotive parts

*paint that does not meet our listed criteria above
will be returned to the donor for proper disposal

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