• In 2013 we saved over 18 tons of film & theatre props, set pieces, art supplies, textiles, lumber, and many other reusable materials from landfill by putting them back into the local creative economy.
  • 1065 lbs of this reusable material was fabric alone, including 150 lbs of painter’s muslin
  • 96 tons of set construction materials were recycled instead of sent to landfill in 2013 alone because of our partnership with Revolution Recovery.
  • 18 film & television production companies, theatre companies and area prop shops donated reusable materials to The Resource Exchange in 2013
  • 17 film, television, theatre, and performance projects used reclaimed building materials, art supplies, fabric, and props from the Resource Exchange in their productions in 2013
  • The reusable materials we are able to supply to the community went up 60%
  • In 2013 we were proudly able to provide full time positions for 2 talented and passionate recent graduates from Temple University’s Department of Theater and Tyler School of Art
  • In the summer of 2013 we hosted 3 creative interns from Steppingstone Scholars and were able to teach them about salvaging materials, reuse, recycling, and running a non-profit.
  • We supplied reusable materials to and connected with over 14 educational institutions in all ranges from community centers to The University of the Arts
  • We enabled over 55 individual artists, crafters, and remakers to create work with our reclaimed and salvaged materials.
  • We featured and promoted 13 local artists’ works in our store through our monthly reCREATE featured artist program.
  • We started hosting creative reuse workshops where local artists could teach how to use reclaimed materials in specific artistic forms.
  • We were able to host 11 free or low cost community events at The Resource Exchange including our creative reuse workshops, an open “Greener Philadelphia Theatre” discussion, A Philadelphia Open Studio Tour, and our first live performance by The Philadelphia Opera Collective as a part of Design Philadelphia



  • Recycling

    Executive Director Karyn Gerred and staff member Dylan DeVlieger with our recycling partners from Revolution Recovery Jon Wybar and Fern Gookin during GreenBuild 2013
  • Educating

    Our Steppingstone Scholar interns Malikah, Doreen, and Sienna spent the summer of 2013 helping The Resource Exchange in all areas of operations including de-nailing lumber, sorting donations, and writing for the blog.
  • Creating Jobs

    In 2013 we were able to hire Dylan and Alison, two full time employees who are able to extend our reach in both theatre and art. Here's Dylan reaching out to other forward thinking artists at his alma mater Tyler School of Art.

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