Milena Belasco

Milena Belasco comes from a family of artists. Her great grandfather’s impressionist paintings of Bucks County hang at the Michener in Doylestown, and her mother paints landscapes of Maine coastal scenery. Milena was a member of the Germantown Pottery Guild, and recently completed her ARTBundance Coach and Practitioner Certification.

“I found your store about 18 months ago when my 17 year old daughter gave me a Christmas Gift she purchased from you all. In the sweet bundle of goodies she selected for me were pretty papers, knick knacks and doo-dads. I quickly discovered that you were just around the corner from one of my catering jobs. I was mesmerized upon visiting and felt like I was visiting a fairyland of possibilities. You immediately extended an invitation to share whatever I might create with the materials I bought. I was warmly welcomed to send any photos of my creations and I realized you extend this invitation openly to all customers and THAT really meant something to me. I admire curiosity.

I immediately connected to Vision Board making. It was introduced to me as a process whereby you focus on an intention/vision for a specific area of your life such as work, love or health and then leaf through magazines to allow what pops forward to be cut out by you and pasted onto a poster board.  I eventually created a collage process using a mixed media multilayered approach for gleaning meaning and insight around most any topic. I call it ‘3D Collage’ and I use it often to create clarity in my life around issues or ideas that feel stuck. It is a process that begins with a query and ends (hopefully and often) with some insight. It is different from a Vision Board process because is does not focus on the future or on a wish or dream. The process creates a direct moment of Insight. It may be slightly messy, or even unattractive looking to me, but it reveals a place to look further.”