Eileen Lillian Doyle

Eileen Lillian Doyle is a multi-media artist, curatorial member of the gallery collective Little Berlin, and Resource Exchange employee. Eileen works with fabric, installations, sculpture, and performance art, investigating contemporary systems and symbols that bring meaning to human life. She created Garbage World — a performance series in development in Chicago and Philadelphia since 2009 — to see artists perform in a situation with more allowances than limitations. Messes, grotesqueness, cleanliness, and joy happen in life; therefore, they are not excluded from this event. Wooden flats donated to The Resource Exchange by The Walnut Street Theatre that were once used as flooring and walls for their mainstage productions were utilized by Eileen in her most recent iteration of Garbage World. Read more about Eileen’s process of building a gallery space from salvaged materials on our blog!