Emily Hirshorn

Fabric is an integral part of our lives and we can become quite attached to patterns, materials, and the memories we associate with them. like to use fabrics that have already lived one life.  Perhaps as childhood sheets or a mother’s blouse. Or maybe as a holiday table cloth or apron. These fabrics have stories to tell and I hate to see those stories thrown away. The stories of these fabrics are given “new life” in these quilts that are made for a new human life. The variety of textures, colors, and patterns provide many opportunities for a growing baby to make observations and connections.My quilts are not perfect – the lines aren’t straight and the quilting is bumpy in places. No one will mistake them for store-bought. This aesthetic is intentional. I believe that they more effectively transfer the love that went into creating them because it is clear that they were made by a living, breathing person. Life is not perfect, people are not perfect, and I think it is important for children to realize this and embrace the messiness and beauty of it all.

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