Jenna Loz

Sustainability is important to me as a person and artist, but reusing materials for their essence is equally as important to my work. I feel the most inspired when my materials have their own story. Some of my favorite materials have included recycled amusement park maps, retail plastics, and shipment boxes as structural elements for my sculptures.

Within my work, I investigate the over complication of the simple and the oversimplification of the complicated. I like to ask questions about the experiences of intimacy and self within public space. My most recent works are inquiries of relationships within urban boundaries.

I am a multidisciplinary artist actively earning my Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art in 2020. My primary practice is printmaking; I view it as a set of technical skills rather than a limitation implied by the tradition of printing on paper. My overall practice includes mostly screenprint, sculpture, and book arts.

I discovered the Resource Exchange early in my undergraduate as a steady source of fabrics, yarn, and embroidery threads for my sculpture and bookbinding, but I often wander into the Resource Exchange just to feel inspired by the materials!

More of Jenna’s work: @jenna.loz