Jonathan DeDecker

My name is Jonathan DeDecker, I work primarily in acrylic, gauche, latex, and spray paint. In 1992 I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I am a first year MFA student in the painting, drawing and sculpture department and Tyler School of Art at Temple University, In Philadelphia, PA.  I have shown around the Twin Cities Metro Area including The Coffman Art Gallery, The Quarter Gallery, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Kolman & Pryor Gallery, Flow Art Space, Stevens Square Center for the Arts,  The Waiting Room, Minneapolis Convention Center, The Abstracted Gallery and Great Far Beyond. 

I explore how various material languages manifest as a form of expression where I can strategically obscure any necessarily straight forward linear narrative, I am currently investigating the pleasures of walking around at night and the importance of solitude and exploration into unfamiliar spaces. I intend to evoke something familiar in things that are seemingly mysterious. There are connections, contradictions and problems I create for myself that are intertwined into an abstracted atmosphere. The emphasis is made through the process of painting itself and its characteristics, and limitations to understand and push the possibilities as a medium.

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