Joy Waldinger

Joy Waldinger is an art education student at Tyler School of Art. Over the summer of 2014, Joy interned for the Wagner Free Institute of Art and Science in the SNAP (Science, Nature, and Art in Philadelphia) Program, where she toured a traveling science and art class to Philadelphia area groups of middle school students. Joy co-taught with an entomologist who educated students about insect body parts and life cycles. Then Joy taught the students how to draw insects from observation, carve relief woodcuts of the insects and print them.While teaching in this program, Joy completed her own insect prints from a carved linoleum substrate and created her own insect collection. She picked specific insects that have symbolic meaning in order to generate positivity and enlightenment. These works and Joy’s insect collection can be seen in The Resource Exchange’s reCreate Gallery through the entire month of November. Find out more about Joy and her work connecting science and art on her website. Joy also does a series of how-to arts & crafts videos that you can find here

Joy taught a reCreate Workshop at The Resource Exchange in early November 2014 that focused on studying insects and cutting block stamps inspired by them. Participants were able to print their creations on reclaimed paper and fabric. See the pictures below!