Kristie Landry

I have always loved making things, all mediums, all techniques. Trying new ideas and finding new materials. Through that variety sewing seems to be the constant I return to. My inspiration has always been my family & friends. Most of my work was created for a specific person. When I am making a piece I do consider what they might like & hope they enjoy the piece, but also when I make the work I think about them, our memories, our connection. Just as much as trying something new drives my work, using reclaimed materials has been there from day one. My doll dream house was made from any cardboard box I could find, furnished with thimble tables & chairs and decorated with wallpaper and fabric remnants. Now when I begin a piece the process starts with questions like ‘what can I find?’ ‘How can I use that?’ and ‘What will make this work?’ This takes me in directions I didn’t even envision. It is the flow of the materials combines with the inspiration I take from the intended recipient that drives my work.