Kyrie Greenberg

Kyrie’s work as a collagist draws from archival sources and popular print media to show the interconnectedness of media culture. Her photography portrays emotional touchstones in complicated landscapes of urban renewal and climate change in Philadelphia. And, fascinated by the lived experience, her embroidery and mending lends art to the everyday wear of well-loved garments– while helping to keep them out of the trash.

“I am a multi-media journalist interested in everyday life. Reclaimed materials are important in my collage art because I see the impact of waste in pile up in my neighborhood of Kensington. I photograph landscapes as a way of documenting cityscapes under climate change. And finally, the fashion industry is one of the worst polluters, and I feel compelled to avert some of my own textile waste by saving clothes I love through mending and creative reuse.

I’m a big fan of your sewing and old book sections, and love the stuff from old architecture firms. I’ve also reworked a LiteBrite toy to be more like a light sculpture using LEDs and wrapping paper I got there.”