Lea Saccomanno

As a child, trips to Philadelphia from the suburbs were exciting experiences where I was filled with awe at the rich and colorful neighborhoods and the art and artists that inhabited them.  It was the same creative and inclusive experience that drew me to move to the Fishtown area years later.  I initially learned to embroider as a young girl, and rediscovered my love for textile arts shortly after my move into the city.

I’m constantly inspired by the people I meet and experiences I have here and in travel beyond.  My work celebrates the magic in the everyday and focuses on feminine energy.  My most recent series, “Don’t Forget Your Magic” visits the fact that as women, we are magic just by being, and powerful beyond our realization. I enjoy using repurposed materials from thrift stores and places like the Resource Exchange in my work and workshops because like the rich history behind the art of embroidery, utilizing these materials adds depth to the “story” of each piece and helps lessen the burden on the planet that sustains us.

For the past year, I’ve been hosting embroidery workshops, where the participants have created their own wall hangings, patches and have personalized their clothing. Sharing the experience of creating and allowing others to harness their own artistic abilities inspires me greatly. That “a-ha!” moment where my students realize what they’re capable of, is what started and keeps me on this “Sippin’ and Stitchin’” journey. I’m so grateful to have found this expression of creativity and to be able to share it with others

WORKSHOP: Have a pair of jeans or an awesome shirt that can use a little “spruce up?” Or maybe you just want to customize a piece of clothing to make it completely your own. Join Lea Saccomanno on Sunday, October 13th 1pm-3pm for this Creative Clothing Upcycle Workshop and bring an article of clothing. All materials will be provided (embroidery hoop, practice fabric, needle and an array of thread) as well as two hours of “hands-on” guidance. This workshop is beginner-friendly but also provides an interesting new application for seasoned stitchers.