Madison Pfaff

Madison Pfaff is an abstract artist living in Philadelphia. Formerly employed as the art gallery assistant and student at North Park University in Chicago, IL, she now works at Mural Arts assisting on projects. A creator of abstract paintings and prints, she sells her work under the name Wild Little Paintings. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint which she makes herself on homemade canvasses, however elements of collage and sculpture often find their way into her work. Madison is interested in the expression of the abstract itself. Her work grapples with the idea of being neither here nor there, but inhabiting a space in between.

“My name is Madison Pfaff and I make paintings using stretchers and paints from the Resource Exchange. I also use salvaged wood and bedsheets to make my own canvases. I use recycled materials because I think when the world is already filled with so many resources why spend money on new things? They are, more likely than not, expensive, and, in some ways, unnecessary when you think about all of the supplies that are already out there in the world, but remain unused. Art making is expensive for a young person, without a degree and a full time job, living in the city, but with a little creative and unusual thinking people can easily find ways to make art more accessible to themselves. And besides I’ve always said that having a greater knowledge of ones materials creates a stronger relationship between the artist and the work.”