Rachel Ladebu

Born in 1994 in the small town of Meadville, Pennsylvania, Rachel has been pursuing her art career since 2014. Rachel attended a technical school for commercial arts, and went on a three month tour as a performance painter. She is experienced in a wide variety of artistic mediums, doing anything from murals to digital illustrations, but prefers working with acrylic and pencils. Currently, she is working as a freelance artist in Philadelphia.

Rachel has been creating since she was a young girl and has “always been captured by the concept of the realistic and common colliding with the ethereal.” One such example of this is when she drew a story about puddles acting as portals into unknown worlds. Rachel is motivated by her deep desire to experience more than meets the eye. Her work is made in hopes of inviting the observer to do the same.

Some works pictured here are made with reclaimed paper Rachel found at The Resource Exchange. Visit Rachel’s website to see more.