Roberto Roque

Roberto Roque makes birdhouses from  our reclaimed lumber as part of his PLUMA Avis Domus Collection.  These birdhouses show a beautiful reuse for small pieces of “scrap” wood.  Many are made from tiny pieces of plywood that Roberto sands until they become the smooth walls of the houses.  Roberto also uses a glue that is non toxic and sizes the holes perfectly for specific species of birds. Wood salvaged and found at The Resource Exchange recently grabbed his attention and seeing birds perched on electrical lines and on cement borders as opposed to in trees, as an animal lover, bothers him. So Roberto decided to make the birds homes. Homes that conform to Audubon specs for birds found in the region and that are not just cozy for the birds, but also homes that the owner could admire. PLUMA is not just a beautiful collection of Roberto’s bird houses, but it has the benefits of delaying material’s trip to the landfill and creating a home for urban wildlife.