Sarah Kolker

I create art to bring healing, self-empowerment and social change. Recognizing that creativity and beauty are powerful means to healing and change, I work to develop projects in collaboration with individuals and/or agencies on the ground in communities. When working large scale, I believe using participatory and multifaceted projects fosters community empowerment, improves the physical environment, and increases economic development. The collective process used in these projects fosters a sense community pride while allowing participants to experience a sense of individual accomplishment. However, on the small scale, utilizing my daughter’s work or my students’ work, inspires them and empowers them to feel a part of something larger. Using resourcefulness in up-cycling speaks to the abundance of materials we have in real time to use to empower and enliven our world with art.

One medium alone cannot express what I feel. Colors are music to my eyes; and music feeds my body. Since nothing is actually concrete and everything is in constant change, so must my work as well. More layers added and textures created; a piece may only be considered done because of others opinions. I pay attention to the little things in the world and I force the viewer to conceptualize this. I take things out of context, which may make my art seem surreal. However, it is the everyday realities and experiences that give meaning to my art.

Sarah Kolker, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Moore College of Art, was born and raised in Philadelphia and has studied health and wellness practices in Philadelphia, Jamaica, SF Bay Area and New York City. Sarah is an Artist, Educator, Chef, Certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Consultant.

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