The Arden Theatre Company

The Arden Theatre Company supports The Resource Exchange by both donating reusable materials to us and sourcing reclaimed supplies from us. By donating their set pieces instead of sending them to landfill, technical director Glenn Perlman has enabled the reuse of materials in a variety of projects all over the city from home improvements, to art pieces, to other theatre productions. We’ve received donations of lumber and sheet goods from their productions of “Charlotte’s Web,” “Cinderella,” and “Pinnochio.” Thegreen cardboard tubes we have in store came from their production of “Robin Hood” and the giant wheels are from their production of “Peter Pan.”  Arden’s prop master Chris Haig used our reclaimed velvet scraps as leaves in their production of “At the Old Place,” and then donated the leaves back to us after the curtain closed. You can see one of his “remnant trees” set up in our store! These are just a few of our collaborations with The Arden, but the partnership is sure to be a lasting one.  The cycle of reuse we’ve began with them is one we hope to cultivate with other local theaters and arts organizations.