Introduction to Glass Etching
with reCreate Featured Artist Christine Tischio

Saturday, August 11th, 3pm-6pm

In this workshop participants will learn the art of glass etching. Each person will draw, cut and etch their own stencil to create a custom, upcycled mirror!

All materials (stencil film, Xacto knives, etching cream, 5×7 mirror and frame) are included. Participants are welcome to choose a reused frame provided during the workshop or purchase a frame from RE to complete their piece.

Workshop Cost:
$20 per person. This workshop is for participants 18 years and older due to the products and tools used. Space is limited, so participants must sign up prior to the event.

To RSVP, call 267.997.0060 or email us at info@theresourceexchange.org. Invite your friends on Facebook!