Green Tubes

storing the green tubes

Have you seen the green tubes sitting out in our loading dock?

Ever wondered where they came from?


Sean Lally as Robin Hood in Arden Theatre Company’s production of Robin Hood. Photo by Mark Garvin.

If you saw Arden Theatre Company’s Robin Hood, they might look familiar. These cardboard tubes, and the ten gallons of brightly colored paint that covered them, turned the Arden’s Arcadia Stage into Sherwood Forest for the thousands of kids (of all ages!) who saw the show. Curious about how they made it happen? Check out Charge Scenic Artist Kristina Chadwick’s post on the Arden blog.

green tubes Robin Hood 2

Faced with putting all that theater magic in the dumpster, our friends at the Arden decided to keep the tubes out of the landfill by donating them to The Resource Exchange. Have you seen how Little Berlin used materials from the Arden’s production of Charlotte’s Web?

A few have been bought, but there are plenty more waiting to be reused!





Here’s the first of many creative futures these tubes will enjoy:

Brian and Jamie Grace-Duff, local artists and theater-makers, had the brilliant idea to turn them into eye-catching storage for shoes.


Want a closer look at these unusual tubes? Venture out into our loading dock the next time you’re in the shop. There’s a lot going on out there, since we acquired some more square footage for our expansion… more on that soon!